People have reached out to me looking for the lyrics and chords to not only my original music, but my versions of traditional songs I sing as well. I have posted lyrics here for anyone to use freely. All I ask in return is for these songs is to have them to properly credit me (Mistress of Melody) as the author or arranger respectively. 

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Under the Lake


Pride and Joy

Pudding River Reel

Briar and Loam

Dúlamán - Traditional

Singable English Version

Oh, gentle daughter, here comes a courting Dúlamán
Oh, gentle mother, bring the wheel for me to spin on. 


na binne buí, dúlamán Gaelach

Dúlamán na farraige, be'fhearr a bhí in Éirinn

A yellow crown of gold is on the Dúlamán Gaelach
The ears are bear on the head of Dúlamán maorach

Spotted shoes upon the feet Dúlamán Gaelach
beret and trousers to the knee on  Dúlamán maorach


I would go to Derry with the Dúlamán Gaelach
"I would buy shoes so fine you see,” said Dúlamán maorach

I told her that I’d go to town and buy a comb for her
The story she told back to me, that she’s already served.
Chorus X2

"What brings you here unto me?" asks Dúlamán Gaelach
"I’m courting with your daughter," says the Dúlamán maorach

"You will not take my daughter," says the Dúlamán Gaelach
"Then, I will run away with her," says Dúlamán maorach.


Chorus X2​


More phonetic Pronunciation and translation:

Doo-luh-mahn nuh bwih-nuh bee, doo-luh-mahn geh-lahch 

Seaweed from the yellow cliff, Irish seaweed

Doo-luh-Mahn nuh Fah-rah-guh, buh-ær uh vee in eh-rin 

Seaweed from the ocean, the best in all of Ireland


Dúlamán Gaelach ( Geh-lach)     =  Irish Seaweed

Dúlamán maorach (Mee-rach)   =   Stately Seaweed

æ= eye 

Under the Lake- Cecile Corbel

Rewritten with Additional Verses

I'll go down by the lake
Where the white horses go,
     D                        A
Among the dancing waves
           G          A
All my love I’ll throw,
           bm           F#m     em
All the promises broken long time ago,
         bm   F#/D   G    A     bm
All the territories my body knows.

If you come by the lake
Where the white wood has grown,
Tell the white mountain king
I lie with ghosts.
While their shadows are drifting,
Through willows and pines
You'll hear my voice calling where no one can find.

Wander down by the lake
Where the white moonlight glows 
On the shoreline so fair
And the rushes there grows 
You could rest with my absence
Forgotten In time 
And speak with whispers of wind while the mountain they climb

So come down by the lake 
Where the white water flows
With memories and leaves
From the white willow. 
Here the deep woods speak answers,
“Your troubles, forsake.”
And find my sorrow buried 
Under the lake. 

Jackrabbit- Original


em, D/E, em, D/E

C, G, am, em


em              D               G

Jack, Swift Jack is the fastest hare around.

C               D               bm      D             em

Miles he runs as he flies across the ground.

em                  D         G

Through the forest, through the fields of hay

                C                               D                       bm      D      em

And the moment that you see him he will scurry off away.


Jack has a taste for the finest on the shelf 

He’ll have no less for a rabbit like himself

He’ll shun the clover, sorrel, and the weeds,

And resort to thievery to satisfy his lavish needs.



C                                             D

Jack, will you run? Will you run across the lane?

em                                          D

Jack, will you run? Will you steal the farmer’s gain?

C                                              D

Jack, will you run? Will you run across the field?


To the house and garden to steal the farmer’s yield?


em, D/E, em, D/E


Now to the farmer’s land, Jackie draws nigh 

Annoying the geese, the sheep, and the kye,

But he’s not alone here in his stealing game

There is another scoundrel who wants to do the same.


The Fox he prowls looking for a fattened hen 

On the ratty outskirts of the poultry pen.

He bumps into Jack and smiles as he says 

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” 




Jack runs to the garden and before his eyes

A decadent spread splays out there as his prize. 

Each bite he takes, still the next tastes greater 

And he saves some special morales to scarf up sometime later. 


The farmer’s not feeble the farmer is a menace

And he catches Jack in a patch of butter lettuce.

He howls for his hounds to put an end to his grief 

“Catch the jackrabbit! Catch that little thief!”




Jack scurries out with his evening meal

With the hunting hounds running right on his hurried heels.

He heads for the field running past the poultry pen 

Where the foxy has yet to pick out his favorite hen.


The Fox eyes Jack and Jackie eyes the Fox 

And Foxy thought twice if he wants the Sussex flocks

And the Foxy thought thrice as the farmer’s gun cocks

Now Jack runs from the farmer’s gun, the hounds, and the fox.



Jackrabbit run! Will you run? Will you run Jackie? 

Jackrabbit run! Will you run? Will, you run Jack?

Jackrabbit Run, rabbit run, rabbit run, Jack!

Run Jackrabbit from the fox, the dogs, the gun. 

Pride and Joy- Original

Mary Mary won’t carry yourself across the sea? 

With your ring on your hand, and your coat on your back, and your stockings to the knee.

I am waiting, contemplating our life here on the sea. 

I have money in my sack, I’ve a good fine ship and with you, I’m longing to be. 


The ship, Elizabeth, equipt at port right now right here.

She is rigged, she is waiting to rise her sail and voyage off my dear. 

If The wind's out roaring the rain is pouring, darling have no fear 

she’s the best that money can buy. she’s built to stand and persevere.



If I go, who would stay

On our home, On our land? 

If I go, who would stay? 

Forget about me, take the governor's daughter's hand. 


But Mary love there is no other that here I want to wed.

Not the governer’s daughter, not the young king’s niece. Just you to share my bed.

So what is it that you see fit that would let me have you wed?

Is it money, is it jewels, is it land, is it fame, do you want a good man dead? 




Oh, my dear can’t you see here I’m not going out to sea. 

I just want to stay at home with my loom, and children on my knee. 

And this land my forefathers had many years out here you see, 

Through the sweat, and the blood, and the tears, and the work it now belongs to me. 


What would happen my captain with a woman out with you?

Nothing but a bad luck spree is awaiting the likes you never knew. 

My sailor boy, my pride and joy is not out with your crew 

It’s here in the cottage, and my garden fair, so I bid adieu. 


Pudding River Reel- Original

      am                                         F
Me sister is a shyer one, and she won’t speak out true 
               G                                     C         G          am
And my cousin isn’t interested in the likes of you 
        F                                          dm
But any lady whether she be tall or short like me 
            am                         em                     F       G           am
Has a passion for some dancing whomever she may be 

What have you to offer me? What have you to say?
Or are you thinking that just smiling will have me swept away? 
Just come and take my hand I am not to hard to steal
If you mentioned we’ll be dancing to the pudding river reel 

They say the tune came from man blinded from the light 
When they caught him stealing candlesticks in the dead of night 
With sound his only friend, earning pennies for craft 
He wrote the pudding river reel to trade it for a draft 

From the barkeep to the Fletcher from the fletcher to the tailor
Who then shared with his wife who’s brother showed it to a sailor 
As the sailor he was singing it was then heard by a bard 
Where he played at the king’s Soirée where everybody heard 

Now the country’s in a tizzy with lots dancing round 
As us people of the land are in love with the blind man’s sound 
Dancing till the morning hours--bleeding at your heel 
As we find our sense of rhythm in the pudding river reel 

Catch me by the petti’s or catch me by the hand 
But if you come and catch me let’s hope that you can stand
Me mother and me father and all they will implore
I’ll bet you’ll run when you hear them from outside me door 

Let’s run away to England or run away to France
But wherever you might take me, take me somewhere we can dance
Swing me to or swing me fro whatever you might feel
For I want to dance the night out To the Pudding river reel 

Briar and Loam- Original

A friend from the long road I met some yesterday 

We sat and spoke of minor things then he went on his way

His legs lashed by briars his feet stained from loam

The very same carried him through this land from his home


A working man his father,  his mother a saint 

And he was no idle man and had no brash complaint 

His only wish to court a maid with hair long grown 

At her home by the river and fields of loam 


His voice was a whisper as he spoke to me 

Recalling hardships, troubles, and a loss of victory 

Such sadness and longing that I have never known 

From the man with legs lashed by briars, and feet stained from loam


If I had to say a cruelty to mar upon his name 

I sooner would condemn myself and take away his blame

I wish for the day to come when he is welcome home 

With his legs lashed by briars and his feet stained from loam 

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Background Photo by Ravi Pinisetti on Unsplash

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