Genre:  Cyberpunk

Current Stage: First Draft

In an exhausted world, a videogame hacker's acts lead him to discover a real-world mystery about an in-game NPC called Chrysanthe.

This novelette I plan on being among my first published works. 


Genre: Fantasy

Current Stage: Second draft

Three bards orate their land's most famous legend. A young man searches for a way to reach the sky to speak with the sylph queen in hopes of discovering his lost past. On his journey, he runs into men, spirits, winged-folk, and sylphs all of whom are feeling the effects of a growing force led by the self-titled Ivy king.

Sylphs is a story inspired by classical epics, legends, and my own time I've spent gazing up at clouds and the sky. 


Genre:  Space Western

Current Stage: Replotting 

A rich young widow hired every mercenary in the galaxy to help her find the city of El Dorado. Only four of them show up to help her, but all of them are intent on getting the city's riches. SP-CB is an anything goes, episodic, villain-of-the-week anthology. 

(SP-CB is a placeholder name) 


Genre:  Cyberpunk

Current Stage: Second Draft

The first book I have planned for a series called Black and White. After being presumed dead, seven years later cyborg emerges from the confines of experimentation. Now alone and unregistered, she struggles to figure out who and what she is, where she belongs, and how to keep her system from falling apart.

This is probably one of my more mature stories as it deals with heavier themes such as trauma, self-worth, abuse, and recovery.  Her story means a lot to me personally, and most likely won't be finished for quite some time. 

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